My name is Brogan. I live in London. I work in marketing (predominantly on behalf of the American timber industry and Sebastian Cox). I do not understand the concept of having an indoor voice and an outdoor voice. I like vegetables. I’m naturally positive. Deciding to stop bleaching my hair is the best beauty choice I ever made. I believe singing in the bath is good for the soul. I desperately want a cocker spaniel called Kipper (or Pudding, but I suspect Kipper will come out on top). I start every day listening to the Today show on Radio 4. I have quite large front teeth and enjoy laughing uninhibitedly. In 2010 I vowed to ‘dress more fun’ and have been having a marvellous time ever since. I once became so obsessed with Ellie Goulding that my parents bought me an acoustic guitar. I cannot play the acoustic guitar. I’m allergic to wheat and dairy. I miss eating Christmas cake with Stilton more than anything. I only started watching the news when I was 21. Fine, 24.

But enough about me.