‘Tis the season


I would be a fool if I didn’t write about this collection of homeware and accessories, touting them as perfect Christmas gifts. Mainly because my job is to develop marketing communications in order to sell them (see here, line two).

Sebastian Cox is a designer, championing our British woodlands by making beautiful and useful objects. Everything he makes is sustainable, thoughtful, modern but somehow a bit medieval and is lovely to touch.

He uses the sort of wood timber yards refer to as ‘characterful’, with expressive grain patterns, knots, pipping, bark, flecking and swirls. Not only does this set him apart from other designer-makers it helps the rest of us fall in love with our unpredictable and under-utilised British species of wood (it’s time to use more than oak, people).

He has collections in Heal’s and on his own website, as well as a collaborative collection with Benchmark Furniture and a kitchen with deVOL. So this means there are lots of ways you can have your own piece of Sebastian Cox design, connecting you to nature and filling your home with glorious British wood.

Most of the pieces here are from a collection called Underwood. The whole team came together to design this collection and I styled and photographed the pieces too so I feel very proud of it.

If you are still looking for Christmas gifts or want to treat yourself, you have until this Sunday to place your order in the online shop. So get cracking. Or clicking.


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