5 years later…


It has been five years since I last wrote something on this blog.

In the grand scheme of things, five years isn’t very long. Is it? The world is still turning in quite the same way as it did in 2010 but some things have changed.

For a start, I no longer use the word ‘fashionista’ or wear Uggs. Or fake uggs for that matter. However, I do still cut my food in half. And damn very runny yolks to hell when they ruin a good breakfast.  Furthermore, I still have a desire to write down my opinions as though they were facts and post them here for the world to see.

After a very short period of consideration and a brief discussion with colleagues, I’ve decided to once again write new blogs, post them here and give the site a facelift. But keep the old content. Brave.

I could have ignored my old posts and started from scratch but the chances are prospective employers/online stalkers will probably still find them. So I might as well pick up where I left off, acknowledge that I once wrote an entire post about my hair as if anyone cared, and try to demonstrate that I am a relatively interesting and interested quasi-grown up. Who no longer uses words like ‘fashionista’.

I proudly present to you, myself, five years later, blogging again. I work in Old Street and sometimes I wear lipstick so I’m the perfect candidate really.


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