The Social Network

I regard film trailers with a certain amount of scepticism (hello, false advertising) and the trailer for The Social Network is really good. Great music, a bit moody, ‘based on a true story’ and centred on everyone’s favourite character – the awkward adolescent. This first class combination only served to fuel my suspicion which can only be laid to rest by watching said film.

I can confirm that the trailer is totally on the money. The Social Network is a great film.

It is with a certain amount of unease that you watch the socially and romantically jilted geek, Mark Zuckerberg create the greatest online discovery in the history of the internet. It’s fast, with sharp, quick witted exchanges between characters. An impeccably compiled soundtrack takes the moodiness of the trailer and elevates it to an enticing level of darkness. As the tale unfolds and you’re batted from past to present, between the dorm room and board room the whole thing becomes quite enticing and somehow, a bit sexy.

In something of a cinematic revelation, none of the cast is overwhelmingly attractive, there’s a distinct lack of high octane action and our main man Zuckerberg is irritatingly unlikeable. The Social Network is the story of one socially inept entrepreneur, intelligently packaged into a quietly smouldering triumph.


4 thoughts on “The Social Network

  1. I just went to see it last night! I was worried after all the hype it wouldn’t be as good as I was expecting but5 I actually really enjoyed it. I did get to the end and go, ‘what, wait? That’s it?’ though, I felt like it was just getting started still!

    All the girls in our party quite fancied Eduardo though!

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