Our drugs war

Let’s get serious for a moment. Not that velcro rollers and accessories aren’t serious, mind you. But, for once, let’s really ramp it up.

I am anti-drugs. Really anti-drugs. Excluding alcohol, I have never not once touched, tried, tasted or dabbled with any form of narcotic and never will. If questioned or invited to debate the topic I am usually very vocal about my distinctly black and white opinions. I once thought my views on the matter were wholly un-swayable, until Angus Macqueen appeared on Channel 4 with the three part docu-series Our Drugs War.

The programmes tell the global story of drugs from the poppy fields fuelling civil war in Afghanistan, to the Queensbridge Estate in New York and the streets of European drugs capital Edinburgh.

Macqeen explores the failure of our present drugs policies and in doing so really mucks about with my morals and my conscience. A damn pain in the backside but some really meaty food for thought.

Give your noodle something to think about and, chances are, learn a fair bit.


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