My mane concern

I am permanently preoccupied with my hair. I am also incredibly easily pleased. Ergo, compliment my hair and I’m sure to think you are a top drawer guy/gal. A gentleman who approached the bar at work once took a very long time to reply to my query of ‘what can I get for you sir?’ before eventually responding with, ‘I’m so sorry, I was just looking at your hair. The way it’s piled on top of your head, it’s [mesmerised pause] almost architectural. It’s wonderful.’* Needless to say his two large glasses of red wine and bottle of Becks suddenly became available at a highly competitive price.

 So, when the lovely ladies at Aussie Hair Care invited me to a soiree celebrating their new range of Colour Care products, my attention was justifiably returned to my hair with renewed enthusiasm. The invite requests that guests adopt the style of their ‘hair inspiration’; whether it be peroxide Lady Gaga or flame haired Florence Welch and I fear at this point, I faltered.

 Who was it that inspired me to don that hideous highlighting cap and buddy up with bleach at the tender age of 14? Was it Heather Locklear in the L’Oreal adverts of yore? Or the highlighted faux pop star twins in the very first John Frieda Sheer Blonde adverts? I felt compelled to find out and so compiled some beautiful snapshots of everything that stimulates my follicles.

 I am a devout blonde. I rarely deviate from my classic all-American blow dry. If I do it is to either commit myself fully to a pouffed up chignon cum beehive, or indulge in a slightly grimy four-day-old shaggy look.

 From smooth bouncy locks to mussed up tresses my tools remain the same: A good shampoo for coloured hair. Aussie shampoo smells divine and despite not being specifically for blonde hair it keeps my colour nice and bright. John Freida’s Sheer Blonde Boost Mousse adds plenty of oomph without dulling my blonde and my Tresemme serum is an absolute bargain. It comes in the tiniest tube, you only need a wee slick and – I swear – it lasts forever. The crucial extras come in the form of a big fat barrel brush, mine is by Charles Worthington and has a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles so it leaves my hair looking nice and shiny, and equally big fat velcro rollers for when I want my hair to be that little bit bigger and fatter.

 Finally, ghd’s. The most revolutionary hair tool to have ever reached the mass market. I know how amazing they are, I know you know how amazing they are, so I’ll spare you the details. God bless ghd’s.

 *An incredibly modest tale to recount, I’m sure you’ll agree.


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