Alfie Barker

There has been a new addition to the team at Brogan Jane Towers. I returned home from Glastonbury, desperately in need of a bath and a detangling comb, but also to find an eight week old black and white cocker spaniel puppy waiting for me.

 An embarrassing amount of time was recently spent contemplating the purchase of his bed. At one point I actually turned to my shopping companion to ask quite seriously, ‘do you think he’d like this one?’ Understandably I was abandoned and she redirected her attention to coloured glasswear and photo frames in the interiors department. However, I am proud to announce that after a horrific amount of deliberation I selected the very best bed available, which the dog now loves. How could he not? I mean the thing’s fur lined.

 The bed, I’m afraid, is the first in a long line of gifts on Alfie’s wish list. Since he’s currently in training, treats are essential and Max and Margot have a wonderful selection on their luxury online dog boutique. These Birthday Bones [4] available from their bakery, £4.85 for four, are the perfect treat/bribe for spoilt puppies.

 Every dog loves walkies so I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish collar and lead set. I do not condone diamante or charms of any kind and Scrufts in Brighton has the perfect hand made solution. This striped set [2] is simple, chic and at £24.99, is perfect for my monochromatic pooch.

 Despite the inordinate amount of sunshine this summer has brought, it’s only a matter of time before autumn rears its blustery head and the last thing anyone wants is a chilly pup. As an advocate of knitwear and a huge fan of the waxed jacket (normally my dad’s) there are two items I’ve earmarked as essential purchases. A doggy Barbour jacket, £29.95, from Barbour by Mail [1] is a necessity for woodland walks and romping about in the undergrowth, with a beautiful tartan lining and belt around the middle. The second, this little snowflake sweater, £6.95, is perfect for trotting around town [6] and one of a great selection on Urban Pup.

 More important than a jacket or sweater is a dog’s natural coat and John Paul, co-founder of the Paul Mitchel brand, has produced a luxury range of grooming products to meet the needs of a pet’s sensitive skin and coat. His oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, £10.99, is just right for a post walkies scrub down [3].

 Like the A-gade geek I really am, I’m desperate for Alfie to get his paws on a Tug a Jug, £6.99, from pretty much any pet store anywhere [5]. Designed to provide a multi-sensory experience; motivating dogs to play and engage, it is the ultimate educational toy.


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