A great intro is everything everything

I remember being at school, aged 16, sitting in a music room at lunch time and watching a group of – at the time – achingly cool boys from the other side of the year play guitars and drums very loudly. The sheer volume of it all was overwhelming, reverberating around inside my ribcage and jumbling up my insides.

Last night I paid an unplanned visit to KOKO for the NME Radar Tour and saw a band which brought this feeling rushing back, reminding me just how much I adore watching live music.

There are a number of key ingredients I believe cook up quite a musical storm: Rustic percussion; some very primal drum beating and the sounds of chunky wooden blocks knocking together is really quite provocative. A great intro, loaded with potential, tension and the promise of something rather brilliant. Harmonies; there is something undoubtedly wonderful and exciting about the human voice as an instrument – throw three or four of them together and woah Nelly, you’ve got an unstoppable force and an arm full of Goosebumps. An effortlessly sexy bass line. A teeny smattering of shred-age from a fringed guitarist. And a hint of electronics.

These factors needn’t be smashed together into one musical package, but last night Everything Everything ticked a thrilling number of those boxes. Lyrics that lollop up and down the front man’s vocal range, tinkering riffs and glorious harmonies meant that 30 seconds into their set I had already decided that, ‘yeah, these are definitely my New Favourite Band.’


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