“Styled with some natural hair extensions”


Fashion turns everyday into a pot luck masquerade ball. Fashion is all about illusion. Like a really on-trend magician, a fashionista can use their clothes to hide large hips and highlight fantastic breasts. Fashion allows you to become the person you want to be. It is not about admitting that your deliciously pouffed up hair is ‘actually styled with a few natural hair extensions’. Why must adverts now include disclaimers to quell the cries of false advertising? Why do mascara adverts come with the deal breaker, ‘styled using some artificial lashes’? Who has decided to burst the fashion bubble and wake us from the dream?

‘Styled with some natural hair extensions,’ this is the message scrawled across the bottom of the screen during a John Freda volumising mousse advert. I am shaken from my hair care slumber, rudely awoken from my dreams of thick, lustrous and inconceivably bouncy hair by this boring, regulation, straight laced spoiler. I feel like I’m reading chapter three and someone has whispered in my ear the unexpected twist in chapter 12. I feel like I’ve complimented someone’s dress, only for them to turn and whisper semi-proudly ‘it’s only Primark!’ I feel cheated. Not because I have ever thought it was all real. But because the spell has been broken.


2 thoughts on ““Styled with some natural hair extensions”

  1. I love this post Brogan Jane – springtime, new things, old school, timeless, inspirational – spot on.

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