The room re-arranger

I bore easily and, as a Pisces, am a chronic day dreamer. This has resulted in the entire contents of my bedroom frequently being lugged from place to place; making the very best use of the space and keeping things interesting. ‘Moving my room round’ is a hobby I have practised and perfected from a young age. While initially, being caught with my bed in the middle of the room and all my worldly possessions heaped on top of it while I rearranged the rest of the furniture, was quite embarrassing, it has now become somewhat commonplace.

I recently stepped this exhausting, yet highly rewarding, pastime up a notch and into my boyfriend’s house. Not only did I make him fold every single item of clothing he owned, but a small (and absolutely pointless) table was rather brutally banished to the garage. Smashing. While you may think this all a little dictatorial, I must have done a good job since my talent and I have been re-commissioned. He has recently relocated to London and has kindly requested I ‘sort his room out’ for him.

Genuinely, I can barely contain my excitement.

As a respected mastermind in the Room Re-arrangement industry I have risen to the challenge. I have devised a series of themes from which he/I will pick one to implement into his currently bare boudoir. Please feast your eyes on the first.


3 thoughts on “The room re-arranger

  1. I definitely still like this one the best so far! A little bit of colour is very pretty, though maybe I’m a bit of a girl!

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