In the bag

Train travel is a bone of contention for many. Numerous breaks from discussing Design in a Masterly fashion at university are spent vilifying conductors and discussing the shortcomings of the snack trolley (that may perhaps have just been me but nevertheless…) Train travel is a staple means of transportation for students, commuters, long distance lovers and old friends. While I could preach the pros of hitting the track (like the environmental benefits of utilising public transport) or the cons (there are simply too too many to use here) I will instead focus upon a much more practical element which I’m sure you will agree affects us all. Hello – luggage, people.

I am a sad individual, at one with the entire team of staff at my local train station. They expect me mid-week, to meet my work weary boyfriend from his train, and again at the weekend to wave us both off on our travels to here there and everywhere. He is, usually sporting his red leather man bag while I trot alongside him hauling whichever inadequate handbag I regrettably chose to use. This simply has got to stop.

No longer will my solo journeys take me from home to Harrogate. I will instead be journeying to the capital, where he has recently relocated. This will inevitably involve overheated, overcrowded sweating sessions on the Underground to reach his man pad. I fear a slouchy handbag will no longer cut the travelling mustard; just because it’s vintage, it’s suitability as luggage is not necessarily guaranteed. Vintage bags, while being the absolute mutt’s nuts aesthetically, have a level of functionality which parallels that of a chocolate teapot/fireguard etc. Zips break, seams part, buckles…well, buckle. They will never be the right size. The handles will never be sturdy enough to not guillotine the palms of your hands. You end up couriering one handbag containing all of your overnight essentials and another with purse, phone, makeup top up’s, notepad and pen and snacks to compensate for the abysmal trolley service.

Ladies and gentlemen, when travelling, I am the Bag Lady. So, I reiterate, this quite simply has got to stop. I need luggage.


One thought on “In the bag

  1. I am a frequent (and reluctant) rail user myself as you are well aware. I personally opt for the highly functional walking rucksack (red and grey), which I am well aware is about as likely to hit the catwalks as I am. However, in this months somewhat meagre copy of Vogue I was delighted to discover that rucksacks are apparantly a la mode. They will soon be available in canvas with buckles and two very handy shoulder straps (leaving hands free to wrap around over-priced hot chocolate when freezing ones tits off at the station waiting for a delayed train) and also enabling ‘accidental’ bumping into nasty rail employees. Perhaps this could be an option for you?

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