What the fugg?

I have a confession to make. I beg your forgiveness.

On Monday morning, I awoke to cook my boyfriend a bacon sandwich and drive him to the train station. I stumbled bleary eyed to my cupboard and yanked on his (now my) sweat pants and his (now my) hoodie. Following which I knocked up aforementioned bacon snack.

The time quickly came for us to leave the house, 10 minutes prior to our estimated time of departure due to Jack Frost having played buggery with my poor Fiat Punto, and I committed the sin of all sins. I tucked my sweatpants into my socks (this is no crime, I love a good bit of tuckage) and decided to wear my fuggs. Ew.

‘Fuggs’ is the name attributed to fake Uggs. Uggs in themselves are ridiculous, but fake Uggs are cheap and ridiculous. People may champion their warmth and comfort but never a less practical winter boot has there ever been. They are not in any way waterproof and I challenge anyone to hoof it after a train they are late for in a pair of fuggs. That my friend is a train they’re sure to miss.

You must, at this point, be wondering why I own footwear which clearly offends me. I bought my fuggs for £35 three years ago as a trial before buying a pair of genuine, direct from Australia, Uggs.

I did not buy the Uggs.

What is worse than actually wearing these boots in public on Monday is that upon stepping out of the door I was overwhelmed by how happy my feet were. My toes were surely smiling and I seriously considered bringing the fuggs back from my wardrobe of yesteryear into the wardrobe of now. I quickly caught myself and resolved to find a suitable alternative to grant my little hooves happiness, without having to spend £6 in Primark. No-one needs that.


One thought on “What the fugg?

  1. I moved from the Pacific Northwest to Miami, Florida, and one of the things I miss the most is my Uggs! I know they make my legs look stumpy, and when it rains they stay soaked for days, and they are no longer “cool” and they are completely impractical…but they are so darn comfortable! Some days I crank up the AC and wear them around the privacy of my apartment just to remember the feel of fur between my toes….Haha.

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