Hurrah for The Rummage

Do The Rummage

As the weather gets cooler, the wind slightly whippier and the rain less showery my gladiator sandals have been discarded to the garage and the hunt for my new winter shoes has begun.

I have been fervently scouring the city streets in search of the perfect boot. I was after a slightly lived-in ankle boot. Not heeled, but with a sturdy sole, preferably black, biker-esque, cowboy esque, slighty slouchy, suitable for over/under jeans, a tad masculine, perhaps with a cheeky zip.

Rather a tall order I think you, the highstreet and every vintage shop in the north would agree.

However while searching for an old pair of converse (on a recent weekend when the sun made a brief but very sweet appearance) I stumbled upon a pair of boots I bought about two years ago.

They were a very plesant surprise and ticked every box on the outrageous winter boot checklist. The icing on my boot cake came in the form of my favourite pair of tights, also unearthed while rooting around for something else. To celebrate, I wore the two together on yesterdays trip to Harrogate.

I implore you, shun the shops, save the pennies and have a good rummage through the heaps of stuff at the back of the wardrobe and you might just find what you were looking for.


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